Disclaimer: This calculator is offered freely as a helpful tool. All outputs should be independently verified, and the user is solely responsible for the use of the calculator and any results. Radformation disclaims any warranties and is not responsible for how this tool is utilized or the results it provides.

Interpolation Calculator

Here, we present a linear interpolation calculator, which calculates the X or Y value of a point on a line defined by two other points. The formula used is:

This formula determines the interpolated Y coordinate of a point given its X coordinate and the coordinates of 2 other points. The formula can also be used to interpolate the X coordinate of a point in a symmetrical manner.

How To Use The Calculator

Fill in exactly 5 of the 6 fields and click "Interpolate" to derive the final field.

Units for each entry may optionally be typed directly into the calculator text fields as shown by the example text. Unit conversion is not performed, so units must be consistent across points.

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