QuickCode analyzes plan data, treatment data, documentation, and codes to verify that each is supported with clinical work. Users now get automated, instant feedback before any data leaves OIS. Save time and alleviate the stress of billing.

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Calling Billing Complex is an Understatement

Billing review has typically been a manual and tedious endeavor.

QuickCode Workflow QuickCode Workflow

Intelligently Designed Automation can Help

QuickCode instantly identifies extraneous and absent charges by reviewing both planning and treatment data as well as every single charge captured in the OIS. The included pre-built templates ensure billing consistency across teams and can be customized to meet departmental needs.

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QuickCode's Detailed Checks

QuickCode can analyze it all.


Check for OIS documents

Analyze signatures / approvals

View documents

Account Numbers

Check for charge account numbers

Analyze found account dates

Plan Approval

Check charge date of service against plan approval date

Coding Conflicts

Check for charge pairs not permitted on same date of service

Physician Check

Verify the approving physician was on-site for the associated capture codes

IGRT Approval

Check IGRT image approval status prior to next treatment


Check for course diagnosis

Check associated diagnosis on captured charges


Check for charge date of service limits

Simplify your Workflow with QuickCode

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1   Run QuickCode

QA Accuracy
Ensure correct procedure codes and documentation.
Standardize coding across departments and teams.
Review large quantities of data in just a couple of clicks.

2   Review Results

Manual Billing Review

  • 1 Run Activity Capture
  • 2 Manually compare expected vs captured codes
  • 3 Check account numbers
  • 4 Open each patient in Summary
  • 5 Check diagnosis code
  • 6 Open each patient in Documents
  • 7 Check documentation
  • 8 Open each patient in Offline Review
  • 9 Check images for approval
  • 10 Document discovered errors

Simplify Billing with QuickCode

Check out our in-depth look at the impact of automating billing charge analysis.

QuickCode Case Studies

See how QuickCode can save your clinic time and money.

QuickCode Overview

By minimizing errors and decreasing the time spent on analysis and verification, QuickCode gives clinics transparency, peace of mind, and confidence in their billing.

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