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Ripple Tank
  • Set up in seconds!
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Next generation design
  • Easy as 1 2 3...

Product Code: XWV590012

Colour Filters Set
  • Carefully selected colours
  • Can be cut or trimmed to size

Product Code: XOP995010

Search Coil
  • Investigate changing magnetic fields
  • Connects to oscilloscope or AC milli-voltmeter by means of the 4mm flying leads
  • A 3300 turn, 25mm diameter coil on a plastic handle

Product Code: XEM050010

Simple Potometer
  • Easy to use
  • Investigate the rate of water uptake and transpiration in plants

Product Code: YPP620011

Precision Power Supplies
  • Fully regulated - Maintains set voltage regardless of load
  • Automatic reset after overload removed
  • Half the weight of existing power supplies in the market
  • Compact
  • Maximum Voltage Limiter
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Up to 8A DC: switched or variable

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RVN020010 (Variable)
RVN020020 (Switched)

Switched Power Supply
  • Micro-switch disconnect allows switching on full load
  • Smoothed DC: never drops to zero so suitable for electronics and solenoids
  • Compact and robust

Product Code: RVN020030

LED Ray Box
  • LED runs cool
  • Super bright: as bright as a Filament Ray Box
  • Durable and robust
  • For ray tracing in optics experiments

Product Code: OPT030011

Digital Bench Meters
  • Auto-off feature preventing unnecessary battery drain
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • Robust ABS and PVC
  • 9V PP3 battery included

Ammeter Product Codes:
EMA200010 (Each)
EMA200020 (Class Set of 15)

Voltmeter Product Codes:
EMV200010 (Each)
EMV200020 (Class Set of 15)


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  3. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.