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The Environment

In 2004 the company started to implement the ISO14001 Environmental Management System to sit alongside the established quality management system first introduced in 1994. Annual internal audits ensured the system was firmly bedded in across these sites, and in 2010 we were externally accredited by NQA.

As part of our commitment to the environmental management system, we:

  • Offer a collection service for customers for clean empty glass bottles
  • Regularly collect waste cardboard packaging from customers for recycling
  • Regularly review van delivery schedules to optimise service to customers and minimise our CO2 footprint
  • Recycle cardboard, paper, glass, wooden pallets, polythene and plastics at each site where possible
  • Encourage catalogue recycling and any printing uses paper from sustainable sources
  • Review catalogue production to minimise printing and use of paper where possible
  • Encourage e-procurement and have offered online catalogues since 2001
  • Comply with the WEEE regulations with B2B Compliance
  • Comply with the Packaging Responsibilities with Biffpack
  • Comply with the Battery Recovery collection regulations
  • Have an Environmental Agency licence for collecting hazardous chemical waste and shipping direct to a transfer station

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