Tube planar diode D

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• Phenomena of thermionic effect in vacuum
• The Edison effect and space charge
• For fixed temp, charge flow depends on electrode potential difference
• 'Saturation' current depends on filament temperature
• Evidence of unilateral flow of charge
• Determination of e/m by magnetron method (use XAR 060 020)
• Application of diode as rectifier
• Characteristic curve Ia/Va, Three Halves Power Law
Filament temperature studies, Richardson-Dushman and Stefan Consists of pure tungsten wire filament and circular plate within an evacuated, clear glass bulb, the inside of which has been made electrically conducting to eliminate external electrostatic field effects. The filament terminations are 4mm sockets and the anode plate is connected to a 4mm plug mounted on the plastic top-caps. The planar form of construction corresponds with the conventional diode symbol. The performance of the large geometry configuration has been improved by attaching to one of the filament leads a circular backing disc to provide a more uniform electric field between the cathode and anode electrodes. Optimum plate voltage 500V, maximum filament voltage 7.5V, typical plate current 3 mA.
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DescriptionPlanar Diode
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