Resonance tube air column

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The Resonance Air Column emits a very loud sound when the plunger is moved to a node position. It works as well as a water column but without the mess. The secret is in the long moulded piston head which is very efficient in reflecting the sound waves.
It has a polycarbonate tube which will not break or chip like inferior acrylic. It includes eight plastic snap-on rings which can be slid along the tube to mark the nodes. Then a metre stick is used to read the positions of the rings. The plunger handle is made of flexible acetyl so it will not break.
The Resonance Air Column can be used as a closed or open tube. In the closed mode, tuning forks or speakers are suitable for sound sources. In the open mode, a speaker with a signal generator is required to vary the frequency until the tube sounds a resonance.
The Mini Speaker (XWV 910 500, sold separately) is specially made to fit with the Resonance Air Column. It can be powered with the Function Generator (XWV 910 520) or an 850 Universal Interface (PAS 040 020).
It is also useful as a stand-alone speaker for doing interference demonstrations. Two of these point sources can output the same frequency and the spatial interference pattern can be explored.

Required for use:
Tuning Fork Set (XWV 910 510)
Function Generator (XWV 910 520)
2m Long Patch Cord Set (XWV 910 530)
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DescriptionResonance Air Column
Supplier CodeWA-9606