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Pasco Spark LXI data logger

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PASCO's Next Gen Datalogger.
The new SPARK dataloggers blend PASCO probeware with data collection and analysis software and includes PASCO's, exclusive lab management application: Lab Manager. Designed for use with wired and wireless sensors, the SPARK LXi can simultaneously accommodate up to five wireless sensors. It also includes two ports for any of the more than 80 blue PASPORT sensors, plus two ports for the included Fast Response Temp Probe and Voltage Probe.
The SPARK LXi can also connect wirelessly to the powerful 550 Universal Interface for advanced physics applications.

Special Features:
• 9.6" full color capacitive touchscreen (1200 x 800 pixels)
• 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
• 1.5 GB Ram
• 16 GB memory
• Pre-loaded software
• Lab Manager classroom management application
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth and USB connections
• Can export data to third-party apps
• Suitable for wet and dry labs
• Operates online or offline
• SPARKvue in-app proximity pairing
• 2 PASPORT sensor ports
• Voltage port (Voltage Probe included)
• Temperature port (Fast Response Temp Probe included)
• Built-in cameras (front and back), accelerometer, microphone, speaker and GPS
DescriptionSpark LXi Datalogger