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BMS 1001 RMS Compound Microscope

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Designed for secondary schools in association with the Outreach and Education Committee of the Royal Microscopical Society

Imaging modes:
1. Standard Bright Field
2. Dark Field - for the detection of fine detail in unstained specimens.
3. Polarised Light - for the detection of structural features in biological or mineral specimens.

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Description1001RMS Microscope
UN Class//
● Eyepiece: Wide field 10x/18mm with pointer, locked
● Tube: 45¤
● Head: 360¤ rotatable with switchable analyzer
● Nosepiece: quadruple
● Objectives: DIN achromatic Semi Plan 4x, 10x and 20x (spring loaded). You can opt for 40x, 60x and/or 100x
Focussing mechanism: coarse and fine focus controls
● Stage: with 2 stage clips
● Condenser: fixed, N.A. 0,65 with disc diaphragm
● Disc diaphragm: 3x standard holes, 1x polarizer, 1x darkfield
● Illumination: LED (15-20W) with dimmer
● Magnification: 40x, 100x and 200x
(optional expandable :400x, 600x and 1000x)
● Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
● Including: dust cover, manual, power cord and tension wrench