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Laboratory Techniques Chart, Pack of 3

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Key lab procedures at a glance. A full-time refresher prevents tragic mistakes. No lab should be without one. How do I adjust the burner flame? When measuring liquid volumes, do I read the top or bottom of the meniscus? How do I weigh with a triple beam balance? The answers to these questions, plus some 20 other key laboratory techniques your students must master in order to perform lab experiments safely, form the basis for this powerful visual reference chart. It's the perfect partner to our Laboratory Safety chart. Divided into 23 panels, each develops an important technique. Sequential illustrations are employed to dramatise key procedures in step-by-step fashion. Captions are precise and easy to follow. Safety is the unifying theme throughout. It峻s like having a full-colour lab manual on a single giant page, for instant access. Printed on tear-proof synthetic stock, the laboratory techniques chart is mounted with stiffening rods top and bottom, complete with eyelets for hanging. Dimensions: 91 x 112cm

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