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Bio-Rad Genes in a Bottle Kit

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Seeing is believing. Introduce your students to molecular biology with their own DNA! Enable your students to see the normally invisible substance of life and begin to comprehend the meaning of their own genetic makeup. In this activity your students employ the same real world laboratory procedure used to extract DNA from many different organisms for a variety of biotechnology research applications. Students extract genomic DNA from their own cheek cells, then precipitate and bottle it in a fabulously cool necklace.
For students learning about the molecular framework of biology for the first time, DNA is abstract and intangible. This procedure makes the invisible visible - seeing their own DNA makes it real, and helps students comprehend this primary substance of life. From cell structure to genetics to the chemistry of life, this kit integrates multiple life science standards in a single lesson. Seeing DNA makes it real. Wearing it makes the lesson memorable!
How do scientists separate pure DNA from cells composed mainly of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and salts? Membranes are first ruptured with detergents to release DNA into a solution, then proteins and other organic molecules are digested and separated while retaining intact DNA. The DNA is finally collected by precipitation in a form that can be manipulated as desired.
With this simple lab activity, your students will extract genomic DNA from their own cheek cells and watch it precipitate from solution as floating white strands. The DNA strands are then easily collected and transferred to a glass vial, and the vial is fashioned into a necklace!
Learning opportunities for all levels of instruction. This activity is designed for any classroom environment and requires no specialised equipment or stains. For secondary and college level instruction, lessons on DNA structure and function, cell structure, and enzyme function can be introduced or reinforced with this laboratory activity. For middle
school students, it's a perfect introduction to the exciting world of DNA science. This kit supports 36 students.
Key Kit Features:
• Perform and research real techniques
• Collect cheek cells
• Extract, precipitate and bottle DNA
• Complete in 45 minutes
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DescriptionGenes in a Bottle Kit