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The simplest approach yet to this basic experiment in mechanics. By squeezing the 'ears' of the release unit the ball bearing is released and the circuit connections to a timer are broken at the same instant. The base unit is a sensitive microswitch 'trapdoor' giving either make or break contacts at the moment of impact. No power supplies are required, just a sensitive timer with any START and STOP triggering. Manufactured in acrylic to modern design standards with a rubber impact plate. Base dimensions: 150 x 130 x 30mm Connections by 4mm leads Alternative Magnetic Release Unit Designed for use with either 'g' by Free Fall Systems or the Monkey and Hunter apparatus. The unit requires a low voltage, smoothed DC power supply at 4-6V and 0.5A. Supplied with 4mm sockets and an aluminium handle for use with a standard laboratory clamp stand. Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 35mm, excluding 200mm handle Mass: 0.2kg NB: Retort stand and clamps are not included
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Description'g' by Free Fall System