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Bio-Rad ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit

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Explore bio-defence, immunology, or health science with this topical, hands-on lab. Animal immune systems produce proteins called antibodies that recognise intruders with incredible specificity. Like magic bullets, antibodies locate and attach themselves to their targets, marking them for destruction by other cells of the immune system. The ability of antibodies to target viral, bacterial, and allergenic molecules in the body also makes them ideal bio-detection tools in the hunt for molecules in bio-science research and medical diagnostic tests.
Simulate the outbreak of a disease in your classroom and use real antibodies to track it. Teach your students about how protein structure and enzyme substrate interactions are used to detect HIV, bird flu, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the molecular markers of cancer, pregnancy, or drug use.
What is ELISA? The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA for short) is a technique used to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. It utilises two antibodies, one of which is specific to the antigen and another that is coupled to an enzyme. This second antibody gives the assay its enzyme-linked name, and will cause a chromogenic substrate to produce colour wherever it is bound. ELISA is a powerful antibody-based bio-detection tool used in the field to hunt for pathogens in water, food, or air, whether they emerge naturally or through acts of aggression.
How this kit works: Three approaches to ELISA may be taken with this kit. Individual curriculum guides and instructions for each protocol are included in the kit, complete with Teacher's Guides and Student Manuals. The instructor or the students may select the type of test most relevant to current course work.
1. ELISA for disease outbreaks - tracking the spread of disease
2. ELISA for detecting antigens in a sample
3. ELISA for detecting antibodies in a blood sample for past exposure to a disease
Key Kit Features:
• Apply a genuine diagnostic procedure
• Simulate real-world HIV testing
• Simulate GMO, pregnancy, and drug testing
• Complete in one 45-minute lab session
NB: You will also need adjustable micropipettes (20 - 200μl) or fixed volume pipettes (50μl), pipette tips. This kit supports 48 students.
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DescriptionELISA Immuno Explorer Kit