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Tube double beam gas filled D

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• Narrow visible electron beams
• Mean free path studies and unstable beams
• Velocity focussing and gas multiplication
• Primary and higher orders of ionisation
• Loss of energy in a spiral path
• Measurement of 'assumed circular path' e/m
• Secondary emission and phosphor screen 'blanking'
• Introduction to plasma technology
The electrons emitted by the indirectly heated oxide-coated cathodes are projected from the two identical guns in the form of a narrow pencil beam, and these beams can be accurately traced within the helium gas as green glow due to the emission of energy during the collision processes experienced by the electrons. The angle of projection from the guns can be modified by applying a potential across miniature deflecting plates, located just beyond the emission apertures. The filament heaters are terminated at a two-way switch and two 4mm sockets in the grey plastic end-cap; the anodes and deflecting plates are connected to two 4mm plugs mounted on grey plastics side-caps. Anode Voltage 0-300V DC Anode Current 10-20mA Heater Voltage 6.3V, 0.3A Deflector Voltage 0-25V DC
DescriptionDouble Beam Tube, Gas-Filled
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