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BMS ST-40 Stereo Microscope with USB Digital Camera

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This stereo microscope has 45° inclined tubes which are an advantage for users working for long periods of time as they become less tired. It has a 360° rotatable head, making it ideal for pupils working together or for teacher demonstrations. The focussing is via coarse focussing knobs with a slip clutch to prevent damage. The total magnification is 20x and 40x. This stereo microscope also features LED illumination and an integrated 3.0 megapixel camera.
DescriptionST-40 with 3Mp Digital Camera
UN Class//
Stand: Stand with fixed arm
Eyepieces: Two WF10x/18mm, locked
Tube: 45¤ inclined, one tube with adjustable diopter
Head: 360¤ rotatable
Interpupillary distance: 50 to 76mm adjustable
Objectives: 2x and 4x through rotatable turret
Focussing: Course focussing knobs with slip clutch
Illumination: Incident and/or transmitted LED illumination
Magnification: 20x and 40x
Visual range: 10mm (2x) and 5mm (4x)
Working distance: 48mm
Base with Ø 95mm frosted glass and black/white plate with 2 stage clips
Connection: 12V
Charger: 230V/50Hz, detachable
Build-in camera: DSP, 1,3 Mpixel
Resolution: 1200x1080 (horizontal/vertical)
Pixels: 1.300.000
Digital output: USB 2.0, cable 1,5m
Software: BMS Photolib
System requirements: Windows XP (SP2/3) and Vista
Including: Dust cover, tension key and eye caps