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PASCO Capstone is the next leap forward in software for data acquisition, display and analysis and destined to be the new standard in physics and engineering labs. Not an upgrade on existing software, PASCO Capstone was built from the ground up to be the most powerful and flexible option available.
While it was designed in conjunction with the 850 Universal Interface, Capstone is completely compatible with all PASCO USB Interfaces - the 850, Xplorer GLX, SPARKlink, SPARK, USB link and even older interfaces such as the Science Workshop 750 or 500.
PASCO Capstone may be purchased as a Single Licence for use with one computer, or as a Site Licence for use on all computers in a single school campus (including student use at home).
• Tools Slide Open: Hardware Setup, Data Summary, Calibration, Calculator, Signal Generator, Photogate Timer, Setup & more
• Sampling Bar: Set Sample Rates for each sensor, Record, Manual Sampling, Playback, and Delete Runs
• Display Palette: Click and drag onto graph. Displays available are Graph, Oscilloscope, FFT, Digits, Meter, Table, Text, Picture & Video
• Create Multiple Pages: Customise each page to the tasks performed

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DescriptionPASCO Capstone Software (Single User)
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