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Bio-Rad Horizontal DNA Electrophoresis Mini-Sub Cell GT, No Casting Gates

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Fast and flexible, the Mini-Sub Cell GT is a very popular classroom gel box. The Mini-Sub Cell GT will hold a 7 x 10cm gel tray. A 10cm gel poured with two 8-well combs easily accommodates two student groups at a time. At 100V, this cell resolves DNA fragments of 20-20,000 base pairs in just under 30 minutes. Features: ¥ Drop-in combs - Save time and eliminate sample loading errors with large 8-well, fixed height combs that drop into place for easy gel casting (combs to form 15 smaller wells are also available) ¥ Tape-free gel casting - No tape, no mess! Now cast agarose gels using the tape-free casting stand ¥ Casting tray with fluorescent ruler - Etched into each tray and coloured with fluorescent ink, the ruler enhances monitoring of DNA migration distance during a run and is handy for gel documentation after a run ¥ Safety certification - All Bio-Rad electrophoresis equipment is IEC1010-1 certified. You are assured that their Sub-Cell systems are the safest you can buy.

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