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BeeSpi V Light Gate

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Measure speed and acceleration in an instant with the BeeSpi V.

Unlike traditional tape-based velocity measuring experiments that are hard to set up and can be inaccurate, BeeSpi V uses advanced light gate technology to instantly measure the speed of an object. 

Using multiple BeeSpi V Light Gates you can easily calculate acceleration of an object. This provides additional class time to analyse the results of the experiment, as well as helping students improve their understanding.


  • Compact and easy to use with minimal set-up time
  • Simple and instant (direct) speed measurement without PC connection
  • Analysis of measured speed data became possible in a STEM way
  • Measured speed can be accurately read from its display which leads to easy calculation of the acceleration (when using x2 BeeSpi V together) or energy (of the measured object)
  • Accumulated lap time function
Speed 0 to 999.9cm/s, 0 to 99.9m/s, 0 to 99.99km/h
Lap Time 0 to 99.99sec
Accumulated Lap Time 0 to 99.99sec
Power Source Two size AAA batteries (sold separately)
Size 60 x 60 x 50mm(Inner dimension: 40 x 30mm)
Weight 55g (excluding batteries)
Extra Functions Memory function for saving up to 5 latest measured data