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Measure speed and acceleration in an instant with the BeeSpi V. Unlike traditional tape-based velocity measuring experiments that are hard to set up and can be inaccurate, BeeSpi V uses advanced light gate technology to instantly measure the speed of an object. Using multiple BeeSpi V Light Gates you can easily calculate acceleration of an object. This provides additional class time to analyse the results of the experiment, as well as helping students improve their understanding.
Power Source: two size AAA batteries (sold separately)

Lever & Pendulum Set
This set includes a lever unit, a pendulum unit, weights, and a steel stand. The lever unit has numbered holes on it to hook weights, while the pendulum unit has a
semi-circular protractor for measuring angle of pendulum as well as an adjusting knob to adjust the length of thread. With the lever unit, students can carry out "Motion of Force" experiments such as the correlation between fulcrum point and point of effort/load. With the pendulum unit, students can carry out "Pendulum motion" experiments such as finding the correlation between the length of thread with weight and the cycle, as well as energy conversion of potential/kinetic energy.

This equipment is suitable for dynamics experiments where a sphere (ball) rolls down a track with the BeeSpi V attached to measure the velocity of the sphere.
• The slope is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees, which is measured with a protractor on one side of the track
• With the scale beside the track you can measure the distance of objects moved by the impact
• If a BeeSpi V is set on the track you can measure the velocity of sphere directly
Set includes:
• 1x I-Gauge (Track Length: 1m)
• 2x Balls (1x Steel, 1x Ceramic)
• 1x Sliding Weight
• 2x Stopper Gate for Balls

I-Gauge with BeeSpi V
As above but set also includes a BeeSpi V Light Gate.

Collision Apparatus for Kinetic Energy (with BeeSpi V)
This apparatus includes a "Horizontal Ball Launcher" and BeeSpi V for measuring velocity of the launched ball. Kinetic energy changes depending on the velocity of the ball and can be quantitatively obtained by measuring the distance moved by the sliding wood block.

This equipment is specially designed for experiments of velocity and acceleration in free fall motion and others. Motion is adjustable to multiple angles not only for free fall but also for motion on the slope. Use 2 BeeSpi V units to calculate acceleration.
Set includes:
• 1x G-Gauge
• 2x BeeSpi V units
• 1x Steel ball (25mm dia)
• 1x Screwdriver

Holding Rod
Specially designed holder enables your BeeSpi V to be fixed at the desired angle or height depending on the experiment you wish to carry out.
DescriptionBeeSpi V Light Gate
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