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Bio-Rad Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit

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The analysis of pre-cut lambda DNA kit demonstrates the procedures and principles of DNA gel electrophoresis, including agarose gel casting, sample loading, size-based separation of DNA fragments, DNA staining, and graphic analysis - the very basics. Electrophoretic techniques that distinguish DNA fragments by size are essential in forensics and in the mapping of restriction sites within genes. This activity provides in-depth explanations about how restriction enzymes cut DNA and how electrophoresis can be used to separate and visualise DNA fragments. By visualising the effect of two restriction enzymes on identical samples of double stranded lambda virus DNA, students learn that different restriction enzymes recognise and cut different DNA sequences. This kit provides DNA size standards and three samples of lambda DNA. Two have been pre-cut using a different restriction enzyme and the one is uncut. The postlab exercises guide students through the procedure of DNA fragment size determination by constructing a standard curve using their own gel data. They can then use their standard curve to determine the sizes of the various DNA fragments in their samples. Lambda bacteriophage has been a workhorse of molecular biology for decades. It is vital in the fields of molecular cloning and genomic sequencing since it can be used to subclone very long genomic DNA fragments much more efficiently than plasmid vectors. Lambda DNA comes from a bacterial virus, or bacteriophage, which attacks bacteria by injecting them with its nucleic acid. Once inside, lambda DNA hijacks the bacterial cellular machinery and replicates itself until the cells burst, releasing millions more bacteriophage to carry out the same infection process. Bacteriophage lambda is harmless to humans and other eukaroytic organisms, and therefore makes an excellent source of DNA for experimental study. This kit supports 32 students.
Key Kit Features:
• Study DNA restriction enzyme function
• Use electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments
• Construct standard curves from student data
• Make precise determinations of DNA fragment sizes
• Complete in one 45 minute lab session
NB: You will also require horizontal gel electrophoresis chamber, suitable power supply, adjustable micropipettes (2-20 and 20-200µl), pipette tips and gel staining trays. Needs to be refrigerated.
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